Thursday, June 5, 2008


One nice, clear and warm day, seven little fishes and their mother fish were swimming around in the bay. The little fish wanted to play tag. The mother fish said “ Oh, all right, but stay close to the rocks. Then the fish began their game of tag. Since they were having such fun, they forgot their mother’s warning. That’s when disaster struck! The magic net of Tataraimaka hit the water with a splish, splash and splosh. The trapped fish cried and cried, making the sea salty with their tears. Tane, the god of light, felt so sorry for them that he pulled up the net, with the fish still in it up to the sky. From that day on, the starfishes were now called Matariki. One starfish remains unnamed for any lonely child, so they will have company at night.

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Anonymous said...

Calum. Nice work

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