Monday, November 24, 2008

what's day?

What’s day?

A time to play,
A chance to swim,
A smile maker,
A time for games,
An opportunity for walks

That’s day!

What`s a dragon

What is a dragon?

A dangerous lizard,
a freaky flyer,
an endangered animal,
an ice and fire breather,
a hider in a cave,
an enemy to knights.

That is a dragon!


One wonderful waile.
Two tricky treeko.
Three tangled tangala.
Four fierce flaron.
Five floating flaotzel.
Six sleepy silcoon.
Seven Sliding skeptile.
Eight intiligent evee.
Nine nocternol noctowl.
Ten terrific torterra.

By Calum

what's winter

What is winter ?

A cold and snowy day,
A frosty and icy ground,
A gray and dark cloudy sky,
Rain dropping from the gray clouds,
A time to go snowboarding,
Icicles on the ground,

That is winter !

By Darcy

What is a Dog

What is a dog?

A licking tongue,
A playful ability,
A four-legged animal,
A good hunter,
A furry friend,
A soft and cuddly bundle

That is a dog!


One wonderful wizard
Two tamed tigers
Three thirsty things
Four finned fishes
Five fuzzy furs
Six sizzling sausages
Seven searching seals
Eight eating eels
Nine knitting nanas
Ten turtles tiptoeing

Whats spring

What’s spring ?
A warm and sunny day,
A new lamb is born,
A happy person in the garden,
A new leaf budding,
A person walking,
A person going for a swim.

That’s Spring

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